TR3A ZY-3147

ZY-3147 is a 1958 CKD TR3A in the same ownership since 1972, a very original all-numbers-matching car.

Her floors are original and she retains  her original factory soft-top, hard-top, tonneau and logbook.

In 2019, this well-maintained TR completed a tour of northern Spain.
Artwork (c) by our club member Adrian Sinnott
ZY 3147 at our club's watering hole
ZY 3147, Dublin 1975
ZY 3147 with TS2 in Dublin
Co Wexford registered TR3A.
Sidescreen TRs look stunning with their hard tops fitted.

Irish TR3A touring Spain, September 2022.
TR3A KI-1 at Balscadden Road, Howth, Co Dublin, Summer 1961.
Originally from Memphis, USA, this TR was found after twenty years lying unattended in Dublin
Our club stand at the RIAC Show in Dublin

Another USA TR3A arrives in Ireland

Dublin-registered TR, now in the UK for the past 40+ years
Ex-Hong Kong TR3A now in Dublin

A trio of sidescreens

LHD ex-USA TR3A  now in Ireland

Chassis-off home rebuild, doesn't she look good!
TR3A ZV-42665, the latest sidescreen TR to join our club.
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