TR8 ZV 8

ZV 8 has the unique distinction of winning silverware in Canada, USA, UK and Ireland.

Built in the last month ever of TR production, she was one of the final batch of 70 TR8s produced by the factory. The entire 70 units were dispatched to Canada.

Imported to Ireland in 2016, ZV-8 is maintained in impeccable condition by her owner who has been a club member for the past five decades.

(Pictured: ZV 8 with her Irish identity — permanent and final!)

ZV 8 displaying her Florida USA identity
ZV 8 displaying her original Canadian 1982 identity
TR8 No.4 of 18 produced in rhd. ZV-11581
TR8, TR7 V8 & TR7 Coupe, 3 Irish wedges in the Concours parade ring at Malvern IWE with TR Register UK.
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