TS2 IR-6360

TS2 IR-6360 is probably the most famous TR in the world today. Built in Coventry in July 1953 she is the first right-hand-drive TR built.

Brought to Ireland for a motor show in 1953 she was registered IR-6360 to Dr Brendan O'Hara who competed in all types of motor sport with TS2 including successfully competing in the arduous 1954 four day Circuit of Ireland Rally.

Today TS2 is owned by the club members of TR Register UK and is driven extensively throughout Europe to promote the TR Register.
TS2 photographed on the front cover of Ireland's No.1 classic car magazine Irish Vintage Scene
TS2 photographed in Dublin at a TR Register Ireland event. Note her sponsors' logos.
TS2 photographed at the TR Register UK's international weekend event, Malvern, Worcs UK
TS2 with her twin TS1 photographed together for the first time since July 1953. Note TS2's new UK registration number 773-EWO. Her previous and original number was IR-6360.
TS2's original July 1953 chassis plate (VIN)
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